The Global Pharmaceuticals Distributor

At Oncoheal, we take pride in being a leading pharmaceuticals distributor and believe nothing should stand in the way of what people truly need. That's why we work all over the world, building networks that allow people to access pharmaceuticals where it matters most.

When it’s time to make the world a better place, we’re always right there with you.

We cater to the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical trade starting from Wholesale, Tender supplies, Orphan Drugs, Name Patient access, Biologics, Bio-Similars and Vaccines.

We are one of the Pioneers in Comparator drug supplies from India ! Sourcing Drugs from over 60 countries for Clinical trial supplies in India and Internationally.

The primary goal of Oncoheal is to supply our consumers with pharmaceutical products by providing assurance regarding their performance, safety, value and consistency. The commitment to quality is well-rooted in the corporate values of our company and is very essential to our continuous development and success. We strive to meet the comprehensive set of guidelines for distribution of our wide range of pharmaceutical drugs.

What Have We Achieved